Sunday, February 7, 2010

it'z just plain talk

bare in minds that i am me and as much as you guyz need to know, i'm not the family type of girl. i don't like to hang out with people i don't like or do things you know, together. not much into that. so i don't know is it the world that is complicate or is it just me? but, trust me, i'm not into finding it out too. look, this page is mine. and as far as i am concern, whatever i wrote here is just talk that i don't know who to express to. so, if you're not interested in reading or you think it is so0 lame that it bored you to death, then just get lost.

there are people who commented on others blog, as i've read. this person said that bloggers these days are not, i don't remember the term but sort of you know, not good in writting, the materials are not educating. oh, shut up! this is a free space and we do have freedom of speech as long as it doesn't interfere with any of the national security system or thingie! well some people are not lucky to have their cape crusader around to protect them, be their shoulder to cry on or catch them when they fall. some of us don't have any. i think to publish what you feel is kinda a great way to deal with what you feel. so people, ignore those who think that they owned the place and act like a bunch of bloody hell professionals despite that they too, are only crawling amateurs.

last night i ate a lot. what i meant is really, really a lots of food. i don't know whether it's true for everyone but, chocolate indeed a solace for my heart break. i have to be broken. but i love chocolate. so there's just chocolate and me. well at least i got really stuffed i easily falls asleep. but, it's not fair. i mean, i'm a human. and sometimes, i just need someone to lean on. i couldn't always depends on choc to mend me. i don't want to be diabetic. i guess i don't even know what type of person i am.

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