Saturday, July 11, 2009


lately, for the past week, i've been dreaming about someone from my past. a friend of mine. i hate it. why must i dream about that person when the fact that, the person never came to cross my mind for the past few weeks? never to me, that i ever think about that person during the daytime. but i did in my dream...only in the land where i am never going to set foot.

was it just a dream, or could it be possibly more than it? if so it does, what does it mean? some people said that if we dream about something, or a person it means we are not destine to be with the person. but that is just a saying. if so it does, i'm not sure whether to be glad, or the otherwise. that person, came to me in this reality, as a part of chapters in my story. still a part of me want the person to go through the story with me, but the other part said the opposite.

i'm powerless to choose whoever to be a part of the character in my play. it was destined by God. everything happened for a reason. i wish i know this one. perhaps i did. it just that i didn't realise it before. now i did. now i know why we met, why we are set apart. why i fall, and the fact that now i can stand up.

you are the test, the obstacle, the hard path that i must go through. now i am here, i did go through. i'm not sure whether it's a success.

if your destiny lies in the path that won't collide with mine in the future, then so be it. it's not that i don't want you in my life. never did i wish for such thing to happen. it's just that i don't know what to wish for.

but, perhaps it just a dream. it means nothing. it means nothing. it means nothing.

or so i don't know.

strange, i know you are reading my post. it just that i'm not sure whether you'll get to read this one. and if so you get the chance to read this, deep down i know you know who i meant. because eventhough i said the time passed, and people changed and i did, but you know the truth beneath my lies. i know you still do. just like i said before, not today, not tomorrow but it is forever.

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