Monday, July 13, 2009

s0mething s0meone s0mewhere

huhuhu, perhaps you would think that i'll be blabbering about body posture..?? it's just a guess. but nope. it's just me, feeling bored and i'm trying to get my head to work right now. so, while surfing, i listen to this song from enrique and ciara called 'taking back my love' hu3.

funny, there is one person from my school that i used to thik he's sorta the mixed of corey sevier and enrique iglesias. hu3...i'm not sure i got it right cause it's been a while that i haven't seen him. his smile mimic corey's. such a cool but yet a sweet smile. hu3. the shape of his face, is like enrique. but enrique have a sharper feature what do you expect, he's a star, his is more subtle, a smoother complexion perhaps. but that was like back in 2004. but i have seen him in 2007 i guess, while my father are driving me back home and he take the short path near a stadium and there he was, jogging and wearing yellow shirt. i was like OMG! it has been ages! hahaha.

well, i do hope to see him again, so, to anyone who is now reading my post, people said that if you tell a wish it won't come true, but for me it's like you are wishing it on my behalf. huhuhu. it's not that i have a crush on him or what. just that i love his smile. i see corey when i saw him. haha. but then, they are a completely different person.

oh, another thing! about enrique. hehehe. i found out that whenever i heard his song, there is a part that i always think i is so0 sexy. (obviously because he is the one singging) for the song taking back my love, i love the part when he said 'my boys' hahaha

then in hero, i really really really love it when he said 'you can take my breath away' and for bailamos, i love the way he sing 'nothing can stop us tonight' okay, it's not the matter of wording. but i love the way he rhyme the word. hahaha.

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