Friday, June 12, 2009

s0mething for all of us

i'm not sure where i get the idea to talk about this. what am i expecting out of this but at least i know i'm doing it for someone that i care. ever heard the truth hurt? though not generally, still it happens. she just found out that her ex-bf cheated on her, acting from the very begining. watching her like that, broken yet invisible, i think i can hear her one and only beating flesh shattered. well, at least she finally have her grip on the one thing everyone are running away from when it comes to love. the painful truth. that he are just using you. this is not a discrimination essay from me, its more to self-reliance. it is not fair to see something from just one angle. guys and gils are indeed the same. not all of them are not trustworthy. the question is, how many of them are?? i don't want about to get emotionally-deep but i am mad for things happened. i was wondering, what did he get out of it? fun? how is that? he need cost to make moves, call her, messages her. that definately needs money. suprise to know that some people don't bother watching their money to flow like water for non-visible purpose. i rather spend it on something i can see. like stuff. what did he get from all the lies..?? again, is it fun? he didnt even get payment for that. talking about my defination of fun. no benefit at all. i mean, imagine saying that you love a person without even mean it...?? hell yes i can do the same. what did i get..?? headache. i'm not saying that i don't lie and that i am somekind of angel-behaviorial-girl, the point is, i prefer to be called egoistic. i don't compliment people not even deep down i know they are worth it. in other words, at least mine was keeping the word to myself rather than lying. hell i hate what he had done. of couse i deserved to say so cause i've been in her shoes before. which is stupid and embarassing. but i don't really care. all that i'm wishing and hoping right now is that he'll suffer. more than what he gave others. natures law has debt. mind that people. it is not supersticious. its the fact, the truth. and for those out there who got played by some moron, i suggest stand up and give them hell. they'll never stop unless we take action. and for that person who messed up with people that i love, trust me i know the law and i'm not afraid to use it.

jgn jd 'streamyx'

semalam ade la orang tu kol aku tetengah malam. 'amy, ape nak wat ni? *** marah kat aku pasal kes ari tu' nak sangat aku mention ape la halnye tapi nanty aku lak yang kne sembor ngan mamat tu. da la bersepah je rakan2 dye yang kuat mengadu tu. lagi pon memalukan jgk halnye. jadi the best solution is dont mention it. masalahnye ade la seseorang yang agak terlebih concern pasal issue ni, dengan baek hatinye g tanye kat ***, at first, aku xla amek kesah sangat kan. nak tanye go ahead la tapi jgn over2. xtaw la ape kwn aku yang sorg ni fikir sampai g post kat public...erm, i think bleh consider public jgk la. ble bdk tu taw orang cakap bout him, *** kecik aty la. skrg mula la perang agak dingin antara mereka2 yang terlibat menyebarkan hal ini. sume tunding jari sesame sendiri. from my point of view, i think everyone involved should take equal responsibilities...yela, memang start daripada 1 pihak je. lame2 tersebar. sape suro g wat forum pasal hal tu kan?? aku agak pity la kat *** memang bukan salah *** senanye. tapi ble orang da taw, galak plak cerita. bukan hot story pon. sia2 je jadi issue bertegang urat. please lah. banyak kot hal2 x berbaloi terjadi sebab ade pihak jadi 'streamyx' ni. 'streamyx' ni definisi untok mereka2 yang terlebih concern pasal hal sekitar mereka. ade jgk la team2 'streamyx' tulis pasal aku, xde la aku amek kesa sgt. sebab aku malas. lagipon, as long as dye x menyentoh issue2 sensitif aku, xde la aku nak melenting kan. everything has its own risk. nak wat camne, berdepan la ngan anger mamat tu yang aku xtaw la bile nak reda.

life has begun duh!

while some people might think that life in Uni is stressful, these chicks make it a hit for me..!!!
thankz for being a part of my story. although some part are quite blurry, still it is memory. nie my 1st post. newbie lagi. hope it'll become more interesting soon. really2 soon. mse nak wat blog ni je dah payah gler. i'm not sure why i can't use my email add so, i created a new one. just for this purpose...duh! since banyak free time lately, and i have nothing to do, perhaps sharing something with the public is a good decission. ok la, bkn banyak benda pun leh share. my life has it upside down, macam orang laen jgk but, it didn't hit the very peak of it. or even the bottom.

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