Sunday, June 28, 2009

Babe. In. Total. Control of. Herself

take the initial people...huhu. gle gaban je aku ni melontar ape yang terbuku d'aty ni kat blog. not exactly sume la aku write kan. something, certain things are not meant to be share plak...=p

anyway, i wanted to express something on the behalf of every pre-lawrian. perhaps we are not the best, neither the coolest . but we are what we are. everyone have their own weaknesses. so don't make yourself look dumb by insulting others when the fact that you have nothing against us.

wahahaha...when you ask me, i felt really grateful cause we pre-lawrians have a club of haters who blindly waste their time trying to get up-to-date with us because they have no! did i just slip that? nah...i mean it.

so for all the haters out there...if you think that we'll get influence by your words, you're f**king wrong. ni blog aku, ske aku la nak tulis pe. 1 je nak cakap, kalo nak debat issue ni, get ready la aku nak balas balik. jgn sentap suda.

when memories just died

haaa, maybe ade yang akan ingat aku da wat grammatical error tapi tu title yang tepat kot. i don't know what to say actually, honestly. all i know is the pain penetrating deep within me. ntah le, layak ke aku cakap cam2? seriously mood aku xde ryte now.

why are some friends leaves...while others stay? ntah. aku salu ingtkan diri sendiri yang there are reasons why they did not make it to my future. but then again, was it enough to erase the pain i felt along the way?

emosi ke? xpe la, blog aku kan...ske aku la nak cakap pe pon. this is how i manage my emotions. have you ever wonder that, when you've met someone and they didn't stay in your life but they did in your friend's, you're just the path God has choosen to make them meet?? i did. almost everyday.

to my suprise i was actually right. funny. it is soo not me talking this. typing it out. i don't know what's got into me. haha. i love my friends. cause my life is dull, and my friends spread the colours all over it. it's sad to loose even one colour. cause we complete each other. no matter how bright the colour is, or striking until it hurts to see.

then again, perhaps it has to leave my shades, to complete others. leaving a dull space, an empty hole. like an incomplete puzzle. waiting for another pieces to match. or perhaps the dull part, what makes your life worth living.

they leave, you get hurt, and you become stronger. cause whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger remember? i know that, and it's hard to accept it eventhough. cause the truth always hurt.

i just have to accept it. either i leave your shades, or you leave mine. guess you make me leave. while all the while i've tried hard to stay. cause you mean the whole world to me. guess you never notice that. and it makes me hurt when i realize the fact that you never will.

still, i have to love what God has left me with. at least i have something, rather than nothing. i have peoples who love me. and people who'll leave me when the time comes but until that moment arrive, we'll stick together, love each other and treasure every moment spent together.

so, to that 'someone' i hope you'll find a nice colour. soo beautiful that you'll never wan't to leave it, and never want it to leave.

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