Wednesday, December 16, 2009

but i love this blueberry pie ^^,

boring washed over me as time passed...i hate to be hated nor i wanted to be the world for other for a day and i am doomed myself the other...


i googled something and found out some interesting line....

here it goes...(my blueberry night)

jeremy: i like this pies and cakes, at the end of every night the cheesecake and apple pie are completely gone. the peach cobbler and chocolate mouses cake are nearly finished....but there's a whole blueberry pie left untouched.

elizabeth: so what's wrong with the blueberry pie?

jeremy: there's nothing wrong with the blueberry pie. Just...people makes other choices. You can't blame the blueberry pie, one wants it.

pity that pie...but hopefully there'll be a person who is a bleuberry pies addict will come over and eat the whole pie like he/she never ever ate such a delicious pie and that person will keep on loving this blueberry pie for as long as lives take them, and that this person will never say such a thing about not wanting this pie anymore ^^,

because this blueberry pie is just a pie, baked to be eaten and admired....not to be wasted. but some people work for this pie, gain it, and decide that he/she changed their mind and left this pie wasted. perhaps this pie should never exist, so that no one can ever waste it like it means nothing.

but amy loves this pie soo much she'll never let anyone have it. because i love this blueberry pie.

s.o.l.a.c.e for HB

da kol bape nih...esok bersepah lak kelas ganti...draft xsiap lg...xsentoh pon...esok kne anta...adoooiiii.....

xpe2 ade bape jam lg tapi pale aku dah ketat tahap sial lak...

sume org leh tdo....jeles lak aku....

pdn mke wat last minute lg....

tp farha kate xpe, amelia kental....bongok farha perli2 aku lak....

ape je mksud title tu...hahaha. biar je la aku yg taw. but maybe untuk org2 yg knl aku leh kot pickup wink*

td dlm kelas haq interview farha sal nape la farha anti-lelaki sgt...hahaha, thus, aku dgn bek atynye jd P.A farha la, cakap bg pihaknye....

ala....kdg2 aku rase xfair gak nak blame one party, cuz ade je pempuan yg wat hal....contohnye aku, ye r aku en jahat bak kate sape tah aku ni di banding2 kan ngn org tu baek, aku lak cam setan....keeeessssaaaahhhh lak aku!

so dgn murah aty nye aku pon cakap la ayt ni 'if you can't love someone don't make that person fall in love with you' ayat aku mse tu panjang r tapi. ni da paraphrase....wink*

geli kot aku nak cakap sal2 love ni??? tp demi farha aku sanggup je...hahaha. besides, i'm just a teenage gurl wanting to be wanted...tough camne pon ade soft-spot gak...

eyyyhhh...bkn aku, farha. =p

so thus the story goes,

and my heart isn't a toy,

this feeling wasn't a game,

this person is real,

and how she miss the ice queen,

feeling soo damn stupid,

because she left it all,

for a boy who change his mind,

how stupid she was,

and she still is,

if it is fate and karma,

what was left to say,

was never meant to be said.

ni bukan aku yg tulis, ni explaination je dari reliable source wink*

ok la xtaw pe je aku meracau nih nyte!

¡si usted nunca pensara amarme entonces nunca me hacen amarle ... estúpido! ¡le odio como ello nunca va alguna vez a cambiarse! sólo sea perdidos y ¡vete a tomar por culo!

xpayah susa2 nak paham ni bahase spain lak. saje nak luahkan yg ade sekarang.

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