Thursday, July 2, 2009

the drama queen of dummies

honestly, i don't know where should i start. ever met a bimbos before? i did. annoyingly she used to be a friend of mine who somehow shattered my one and only beating flesh.

sigh! it's funny when you talk about love all the picture that you get is him. what the f***?? where does a friend lies to you? love doesn't always has to be about him. trust me, you're just make a fool out of yourself.

i hate your smile,
i hate his,
i hate that the fact you only saw him,
when the truth only he knows what,
i hate him more than i hate you,
i hate that he broke your heart,
but then it's fixed,
because of love as you may said,
i hate that he exist,
i hate everything about him,
i hate the fact that you're my friend,
and it makes me love you,Justify Full
but if it came to what i'm proud of,
is the fact that i hate you now,
more than you could ever imagine.

shit! what am i to you? nothing? i hate you. i always said that, when he break your heart a friend is always there to break his face. guest i never saw that you'll break my face too later .enough to say that i just hate you.

love means more than just hanging around your stupid boyfriend. it means family, friendship. it means when you cry, i'll cry too. i've heard a quote of 'a friend in need is a friend indeed' but never that i came across 'a boyfriend in need is a boyfriend indeed' guess you'll never see it.

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