Sunday, January 3, 2010

it's 2010 people, and i have a bad luck calls! sigh~

i don't know what would be worst, starting your year with kinda happy-fun-loving time and at the end you found out that there is no such thing as happily ever after or starting the year with massive bad luck and still counting! what have i done??? it's like suddenly all my lucks just dissapear, vanished, poof into thin air and....i don't know what else. it's bad and too bad it's getting worse!
i don't know either i should cry or what. seems like every time i was hit, these things catches me off-guard ha-ha-ha very sweet ='(
with no back-ups, and i'm not sure i am into crying business again (cause everytime i did, i'll have this super-stupid migrain hitting me like it is going to be the one and only time so the pain should be shooting all at the same time)
last time this one person hit me with a huge wave of humiliation, and i don't think i can cover it up even by having a plastic surgery! why does people have to do this? i mean, i'm not into picking up a fight or anything.
and guess what? i have this big-time news that had blown my head off....and its stuck in my brain like a super-huge stone that can only be removed for another....let say...10 to 20 years?
i keep on getting this dreams that i super-hate-it, and it's messing with my sleeps.....why can't you just get lost? and.....and i don't know what else!
i'm 20, and i don't think life start at 20, the challenge does! and whilst i'm writting this, something bad just happened. screw it!
oh yeah, i haven't list any of my 'azam tahun baru' of course i have some in mind, but i don't think i'll make it all into the list. i'm only to pick some really good ones.

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