Friday, June 12, 2009

life has begun duh!

while some people might think that life in Uni is stressful, these chicks make it a hit for me..!!!
thankz for being a part of my story. although some part are quite blurry, still it is memory. nie my 1st post. newbie lagi. hope it'll become more interesting soon. really2 soon. mse nak wat blog ni je dah payah gler. i'm not sure why i can't use my email add so, i created a new one. just for this purpose...duh! since banyak free time lately, and i have nothing to do, perhaps sharing something with the public is a good decission. ok la, bkn banyak benda pun leh share. my life has it upside down, macam orang laen jgk but, it didn't hit the very peak of it. or even the bottom.

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