Monday, June 15, 2009

this is conspiracy...

first of all aku nak sume orang taw bahawa idea untuk title blog kali ini di'provide' oleh fatin pL2c. sayang kamo0 sgt2.

secondly, i don't give a shit about what others will think about me when i write this blog. if you thing that i'm using this medium to express my emotion, that's exactly what i'm doing right now. i don't care if you'll say its sucks.

here is the case that i would looovee to share. what does the word 'family' means to you?? let me guess. of course it's subjective and differ from each and every one of us.

but here is an unique answer from someone i consider my second family in this uitm of merbok. "it means having conspiracy that'll bring downfall to other family member and face-saving"

what a unique defination, congratulation...!!!

here is some part of the dialogue

si dye ni: fatin xpayah fikir dah, benda dah settle....

translation (bende dah settle for my side only not yours and the other)

bayangkan, kate satu family tapi pergi settle kan belakang kitorang. kate melibatkan the whole family tapi why x ajak kitorang gi settle kan sekali. and the most unbearable part nye adalah 'kami' xsalah. please note that you and sorang lagi tu bukan a part of 'kami'. in other words, aku dan si a senanye memang xterlibat dalam hal ni.

kesiannye si b mungkin terlibat tapi at least dye xlah wat pakatan rahsia face-saving cam sesetengah pihak tu. xsangke plak defination 'family' includes 'pointing finger to other family member'.

si dye ni: ni sume jadi sebab kte sebok2 sangat nak amek taw hal satu same laen.

translation(ni sume jadi sebab aku nak lepaskan diri aku n sorang lagi tu. and sorg lagi tu plak tipu mamat ni cakap kte sume perangai teruk)

habis ko tu memang bukan busy-body ke??

bravo..!!! maybe you should include that in the new oxford dictionary!! what an asshole. i was just trying to help you. i always said i got your back because i mean it. i wasn't just a saying. i came from deep down. guess it is too deep for the family huh? guess it wasn't even necessary for you cause you've found an easier solution. face-saving.

i'm not trying to give the impression that i'm innocent. yes, i am guilty. guilty of trying to defend my 'family' when all the while they are back-stabbing me and si a and si b. thank you. i don't care if people think that i'm such a spoilt trying to gain symphaty from other. i really don't. and i'm not. i have the one and only suppoters that'll stick with me through out the years. myself.


  1. i hav no idea but i know dat they also tink i am involved..
    nk mara pn ader tp xtau cmner nk btolkan keadaan

  2. aku tk involve weh.
    seriously, aku tktau pape.
    NBA should unite, kate fmly..
    tp no one should jd backstabber.
    pls la, kte fmly.


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