Friday, January 21, 2011

the time is 2208 ;)

0whkay, s0 it's the year 2o11 and rase mcm nak delete dah bl0g ni last year tp sbb failure nak sign in, xdapat lah berbuat demikian...anyway, sekarang dah dpt masuk balik...rase sayang lak nak delete...yelah, eventh0 xde ape sgt f0r public purp0se but, this is the place where i l0ok back whenever i think life is getting serious ;)
and s0, i thought myb patut p0st s0mething yg lebih matured after this.....

p/s: seriously rase kene beli dictionary sbb tadi nak eja delete pon jadi deleat...mmaaaallllluuuuu

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