Thursday, July 2, 2009

the drama queen of dummies

honestly, i don't know where should i start. ever met a bimbos before? i did. annoyingly she used to be a friend of mine who somehow shattered my one and only beating flesh.

sigh! it's funny when you talk about love all the picture that you get is him. what the f***?? where does a friend lies to you? love doesn't always has to be about him. trust me, you're just make a fool out of yourself.

i hate your smile,
i hate his,
i hate that the fact you only saw him,
when the truth only he knows what,
i hate him more than i hate you,
i hate that he broke your heart,
but then it's fixed,
because of love as you may said,
i hate that he exist,
i hate everything about him,
i hate the fact that you're my friend,
and it makes me love you,Justify Full
but if it came to what i'm proud of,
is the fact that i hate you now,
more than you could ever imagine.

shit! what am i to you? nothing? i hate you. i always said that, when he break your heart a friend is always there to break his face. guest i never saw that you'll break my face too later .enough to say that i just hate you.

love means more than just hanging around your stupid boyfriend. it means family, friendship. it means when you cry, i'll cry too. i've heard a quote of 'a friend in need is a friend indeed' but never that i came across 'a boyfriend in need is a boyfriend indeed' guess you'll never see it.


  1. hey! what is going on dear? am i???? huhu

  2. next time choose the proper words erk...
    support amy!

  3. sory beb, aku agk mrh kau pun.
    aku pun tk tau nape ngan aku.if aku termarah kau, sory byk2 ;(

    aku sewel kot. ape pun mcm tk kena.hope kau faham.
    hormon tk balen la ni..
    rasa bersalah kat kau.sory syg

  4. hahaha...vee marisa, bkn ko ye....
    bkn ko jgk dafi....

  5. takkan ak plk..
    huhu,,kite ni kan partner sehati sejiwa..hehe


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