Sunday, June 28, 2009

Babe. In. Total. Control of. Herself

take the initial people...huhu. gle gaban je aku ni melontar ape yang terbuku d'aty ni kat blog. not exactly sume la aku write kan. something, certain things are not meant to be share plak...=p

anyway, i wanted to express something on the behalf of every pre-lawrian. perhaps we are not the best, neither the coolest . but we are what we are. everyone have their own weaknesses. so don't make yourself look dumb by insulting others when the fact that you have nothing against us.

wahahaha...when you ask me, i felt really grateful cause we pre-lawrians have a club of haters who blindly waste their time trying to get up-to-date with us because they have no! did i just slip that? nah...i mean it.

so for all the haters out there...if you think that we'll get influence by your words, you're f**king wrong. ni blog aku, ske aku la nak tulis pe. 1 je nak cakap, kalo nak debat issue ni, get ready la aku nak balas balik. jgn sentap suda.


  1. amel, aku xleyh jd follower ko.. npe?

  2. wey..huhuh..ko target aku k??
    aku dgn tu... da ok da,siyes da ok..huhuhuhu

  3. jgn sentap ke jgn cengeng? ups! :p

  4. bkn ko la bella...sia2 kne cepuk nty...
    hasemah perogol terbaik
    hah?? xde line xde line...


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