Monday, August 10, 2009

think that you are being test with hard times?

  • have you ever wonder what it feels like not being able to pursue your dream just because something is on your way...?? perhaps something you never ever wished for? imagine that you have a mountain of dreams and you are sick. you can't make it come true but the fact is you want it so much that you'll die for it? some people may assume that it is a part of life where obstacles always exist. we must fight for it. okay, assume i had accepted the fact. what about if you are not sick, perhaps one of your beloved ones are and you'll have to sacrifice your dream for them?

  • never did i ever wish to be part of the test but life itself made me. looking at the condition of our surrounding these days,where the h1n1 virus are spreading hell and lots of people are falling sick some of them are as if ..... okay, accept the fact that some are sick, i understand the concern that everyone have for themselves. it is true that you have to be careful of everything. but somehow, you just have to be a bit strong. okay, h1n1 leads to death. if you are +ve with the disease. but could you at least check with any sources what the possibilities are there for you to be infected with it? similarities of the victims?

  • what makes you get even more sick than before is that your mentality are saying so. having fever doesn't always mean that you have h1n1. get conformation is good. never let it affect others life not even yours. prevention is always better than curing. learn to live the hard path because the sun doesn't always shine neither do your lucky star. sooner or later you'll met your obstacle. what are you going to do with it? running from it? accept your lost?

  • everyone love attention. but please, don't seek it through sickness. it wasn't something fun to live with. put yourself in the shoes of those suffering from a long-term diseases. having to know the fact that you'll be living with if throughout your lives until god knows when. if so these people would prefer to give up, we won't be having people with incurable diseases walking around you. why haven't they given up their lives? want to know why? they can't afford to do so. living with weaknesses and things, even up to the things that you yourself are unable to think how life might be without it, makes them the superior race, even though you have everything. even though you are leading the live that they'll trade anything they have for.

  • i believe they are the true heroes. only god knows how hard it is to live this kind of life. so please, never ever wish to be sick just because you want to have mc or whatever the reason is. it wasn't something that i would do.

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